A headache

Yesterday I had a terrible headache. I think it came on because I had to carry May from one end of campus to the other in the midday sun. Jeff left work early to watch the kids while I laid down, but the headache didn’t go away, it just got worse. After dinner, I couldn’t take it anymore, so I sent Jeff and the girls on a search for some sort of medication. They came back with this:


 Here are the instructions, which made me laugh at several points:


 I can use it on my estate as well as when I’m working in a mine! That does make me giddy. 

I did use it. It smelled nice. But I don’t think it did anything. I drank a lot of water and then I had a Coke, hoping the caffeine and the fizziness would help. Eventually, the headache abated. 

Here’s the pretty Coke can:



4 thoughts on “A headache

  1. Haha! I also get bored just lying about feeling way pathetic. Sometimes I listen to a podcast or book on tape (English or Irish or other sibilant accents seem nicer than American when I have a migraine) to entertain me. But really the best is to fall asleep for even 5 minutes; like hitting a reset button.

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