Dinner Party


First dinner party in Abu Dhabi is in the bag!

We had the Eisenbergs over for soft tacos. That’s not super fancy, but we’re still in our temporary unit, so we don’t have anything to cook with!


You couldn’t see sweet li’l Libby in that first photo, so here she is.

I asked the girls to make silly faces for the camera. Surprisingly, May did not make her signature silly face, which is pursed lips, but did this instead:


Chloe, she still looks like Chris Farley!

Libby is far too pretty to make a silly face, but Adele wants to know if you like seefood:


I like this one, because Betty is looking at Andy like he just said something ridiculous (fyi, Andy is an ethnomusicologist here at NYU AD):


I actually included it, because it gives you a better shot of our living room than I’ve photographed before.

And finally, here are the girls right after the Eisenbergs left:


Nighty night.


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