Sick Days

Both girls got sick this weekend; first Adele, then May. Poor May is taking it a lot worse, because she doesn’t exactly listen to us when we tell her to rest and drink lots of water and she hates it when we wipe her nose. Adele, on the other hand, is perfectly happy to sit in bed all day and read and color.

We tried to get May to watch Winnie the Pooh with Adele yesterday:


As you can tell, May was not having it. Look at that grumpy face.

Adele tried her best to get some smiles:



And we tried making it extra cozy with their duvet:


But sitting still for more than two minutes is not May’s forte. (We all know that watching tv is bad for children under two, but also, how does it even work?)

We had a pretty rough day yesterday. May couldn’t sleep and cried a lot. I ended up taking her for a walk outside, even though it was 102 degrees, hoping she would fall asleep in her stroller. I figured, clearing up congestion is the one thing that intense humidity can be good for! She didn’t sleep, but her nose did stop running for a while.

Today, both girls were still enough under the weather that I kept Adele home from school. It’s Adele’s first sick day! That’s a milestone, right?

The thing with my girls – and this has been true as long as they’ve both been alive – is that, despite how sick they are, their energy never flags. I am tryyyyying to keep them still so they can recuperate, so I told them to stay on the couch (because they were running laps around it, snot flying this way and that), but this is what it devolves into:

Mom, we're bats!

“Mom, we’re bats!”

Bats with PENISES!

“Bats with PENISES!”






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