May Says

The quintessen

The quintessential May face (photo taken in Longview this summer)

Seemingly overnight, May is now speaking in full sentences. And she’s at that point where her vocabulary seems to be doubling each day. My favorite age with Adele was 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 and I’m feeling the same way about May right now. Not that what comes after 2 1/2 isn’t also wonderful, but age two was/is utterly magical as they transition from babies to people.

Unfortunately, I’m already starting to forget the funny things she used to say when she was first learning how to speak. Neither Adele nor May ever had too many “baby words” like some kids do, but May did have a couple. The one word she used more than any other – and that we have no idea where or how she came up with it –  was “boo.” Jeff finally concluded that “boo” meant “other” or “wrong,” as in, “May, do you want to wear this shirt?” And she would reply, “Boo shirt!” while pointing at another shirt that she would prefer. As a very opinionated toddler, she used the word “boo” a lot.

My favorite baby word that she said was “bootoo,” which meant bootie (she always wore soft leather baby boots). We still call them “bootoos,” because it’s fun to say.

Recently, she started saying something else that we are perplexed by. “Robo toadie.” Our best guess is that it comes from “Row, Row, Row Your Boat,” but it’s hard to say. We giggle whenever she says it, so she says it more and more. Robo toadie. It’s the name of her future metal band, I’m sure.

Robo Toadie!


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