Star of the Week

Adele has had a bumpy few weeks at school. She was sick for a long time and it really affected her mood, which I am not blaming her for, but we are working on teaching her that, even if she is not feeling well, she can try to maintain a cheery disposition (mmhmm, good luck me). We kept her home from school when she was at her most sick and then the day we brought her back, the school nurse called and asked us to pick her back up because she developed a fever. Then we kept her home again, which ran into the Eid holiday, which ran into our stay at the Ritz, so she was out of school for a while. When we sent her back again the following Sunday, she was still a little sick (that darn cold would just not let go of her!), but fit for school. (I absolutely must interject here to say that I am a firm believer that kids should stay home from school or preschool or daycare, etc., if they are sick. I don’t really care if a parent has to work, because it is part of our job as parents to take care of our kids and not to endanger others! Rant over. Oh, no, wait, I also think adults should stay home if they are sick.) However, when I went in to pick her up at the end of the school day, she was crying and apparently had been doing so on and off all day. She had a weepy day. So Adele and I had many talks about controlling her emotions. I am not teaching her that crying is bad, but that not everything is worth crying about (e.g. spilt milk) and that crying doesn’t solve anything (except speeding tickets).

She seemed to understand what I was saying, but I was very curious to see how the next day at school would be. It was fine! A totally normal Monday. Yay. But when I brought her to her gymnastics class, she cried at least three separate times in one hour. She ran into someone. A boy sat on her hand. Stuff like that. Then on Tuesday, I went to pick her up in the afternoon and was still a little cautiously pessimistic. Sure enough, she was sitting separate from the class, with flushed cheeks and an ice pack in her face! Turns out, she had run into a pole and busted her lip open, BUT, the teacher was very proud to tell me that Adele had remained very stoic and did a really great job of calming herself down. That’s what I’m talking about! (Adele and I also had a conversation about how pain only occurs in your head, so it’s possible to use mental techniques to help alleviate the pain, like deep breaths, distraction, sheer willpower, or mantras, etc. – I know, I am a weird mom. Weird person, weird mom.)

Wednesday was uneventful, to the best of my recollection. But Thursday, ahhh, Thursday. Thursday was awesome! I picked Adele up and she was dressed up in a super hero cape and crown and a necklace/shield/badge thing that the kids had made and glittered in class. She was so proud to show off her handiwork. It wasn’t until we were already walking back to the car that I noticed something else in her briefcase. THIS:


I know, I know, I know that this is probably something that each of the kids in her class will earn at some point and that it’s kind of like a horoscope reading or fortune cookie where random attributes are chosen for you and it seems fitting because you want it to be fitting, but I am especially proud of this certificate, because it capped off such a long, rough, emotional patch and it’s clear that she was really trying to act better and I’m proud that her teacher recognized her for two of the things that I try to tell her over and over again.

Here’s my Super Adele:




Super duper.


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