Middle Eastern Food

Just a little teaser for some upcoming posts that I’d like to write:

Whenever I go out to eat somewhere that isn’t an American chain (so, usually that would be the cafes we go to with my Tuesday Coffee Mornings group), I try to order something that I’ve never even heard of before, so that I force myself to try new things. Every single time I have done this, I have been very happy with the tasty results. And then I’ve gone home and looked up a recipe that is most exactly like what I’ve had in the restaurant (because there is a lot of variation in Middle Eastern recipes – the same dish in Lebanon will be very different from the way it’s prepared in Egypt, for example).

I’d like to start cooking these dishes myself and sharing them with you, so you can also be exposed to foods you might not be familiar with.

Sound good?


2 thoughts on “Middle Eastern Food

  1. Interesting. There is a Middle East speciality grocery store down the street from us where I should be able to find the ingredients.

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