Mixed Media Jack-o-Lanterns

The girls and I had a crafty afternoon yesterday after their first successful nap in days! If they sleep, that gives me a chance to find a project that we have the supplies for and time to prep it. If they refuse to sleep, then play dough is about all that I can muster.

Anyway, they were good, so I decided to let them get messy with paint, which they love. I saw this project on Pinterest and liked the way it was described – very step-by-step, which keeps things organized and allows May to go at the same pace as Adele, and it taught color-mixing and tonality.

We started by drawing our pumpkin segments:


Then I squirted red, yellow, and white paints into our palette, demonstrated how to fill in a segment, and told the girls to mix the colors as they saw fit:


May is developing a focus that she has hitherto not exhibited before.


Normally, I freak out if colors get mixed together in the palette. This is a real problem I have as a mom who wants to raise creative children. I try not to let my OCD affect them, but of course it does. However, this was a great project for me, because it really didn’t matter in the slightest if the colors were mixed. They were supposed to be!

Here are the girls finishing up the first step of the Jack-o-lanterns:



Adele’s “photo faces” are getting out of control! She’s such a cute kook.

While the paint dried, we moved on to this watercolor spiderweb:


We used a white crayon to draw spiderwebs on a white piece of paper. We only had one white crayon, so we each drew one line at a time, then passed it to the next person. The girls were so good about sharing and being patient for their turn with the crayon!

Again with this face

Again with this face

Then we painted watery black paint over the white crayon, which is supposed to show through, but I think because the AC is so cold in here, the wax in the crayon wasn’t spread onto the paper well enough and the web did not really come through, not even on mine. But the inky black paintings were spooky enough, so we saved them.

While the watercolor dried, we returned to the jack-o-lantern project. We cut out black construction paper shapes to be the eyes, nose, mouth, and in Adele’s case, hat for the pumpkin. Adele did all her cutting and gluing on her own:


Wanna see the final products?







I absolutely love that Adele finished off the project in her own way. She initially insisted that she wanted a happy pumpkin, but as it started to come together, she kept adding more and more details, and decided that the teeth should be dirty and even bloody (!) and that he should have warts all over. Now he’s a real menacing greeter on our front door.

And yes, we will have trick-or-treaters who will get to enjoy him (but on the 30th instead of the 31st)!


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