The Weather

You guys, it’s getting really delicious here.

I totally surprised myself by how tolerable I found the heat when we first moved here in August. I mean, it was searingly hot and, what’s worse, very humid, but it wasn’t quite as terrible as I’d imagined. Then, in September, it started to cool down a little and the humidity level started dropping. I found myself actually enjoying soaking up the sun as I walked from building to building (don’t get me wrong – I am not out there sunbathing with oil). We ate dinner outside for the first time while we were staying at the Ritz. The mornings and evenings have been lovely, but the afternoons have still been a bit hottt, but even that is starting to change! It is soooooo pleasant this afternoon! And it’s only October. I think that it might cool off even more, which means that I will definitely be able to wear a sweater outdoors. How monumental is that?! And it means I need to go shopping, because I didn’t bring any sweaters.

Addendum: I published this post and then thought, hmm, I should check and see what exactly the temperature is….Ohhhh, just 95 degrees. I guess I’ve fully acclimated when I start thinking of 95 degrees as “very moderate and comfortable” weather. Sheesh.


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