Interesting thing about Abu Dhabi – Medicine

Sometimes little things strike me as interesting and different here and I think I’m going to start sharing them with you. Just because.

First interesting thing: there aren’t childproof caps on medicine bottles. Whenever I need to take an Advil, I spin the lid around and around trying to line up the arrows, but there aren’t any…so then I try to push down on the cap while spinning it, but really all I have to do is twist off the cap absolutely normally. The child proofing is just so ingrained in me.

Relatedly, we went to buy children’s fever reducer the other day – not because anyone was feverish, but to have in the medicine cabinet just in case – and the total came to 5 dirhams. That’s $1.36 folks.

In other medically-related news, the top hospital in the city just went Emirati-only and the second biggest is expected to follow suit soon. Fun times.

You get your good and you get your bad.


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