Our Little Reader Can Read

I’m calling it official: Adele can read.

She’s been a “reader” for a long time already. When she was a wee little baby, we would read longer and longer stories to her to help her fall asleep (May had no interest in this – she would bat the book away). When Adele could sit up on her own, she would make a little pile of books all around her on the floor and look at the pictures contentedly for long stretches of time. As soon as she could speak, she would memorize the books that we had read to her a million times and “read” them back to us, or “read” to her little sister, which was the best thing ever.

But now she is actually sounding out letters and stringing together words. Quite pleased with her new found ability, she’s looking for things to read all over the apartment. She curled up in her bed with a day planner yesterday and read as much as she could. It turns out that we don’t really have any beginner-reader books. Nothing with simple monosyllabic words and repeated phonemes. I’ll have to go buy some of those for her. Through school, she has access to some of these very, very simple books online. There’s a part of me that does not like the e-learning experience, but Adele LOVES it, so hey, why not. As long as she spends 99-times more time reading actual hold-in-your-hands-and-smell-the-paper-pages books, I think it’s okay.


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