May Says

I spend a lot of time thinking about what I want to write on this blog. And then the kids go to bed and I space out doing something else on the computer. Tonight, it took me three hours just to plan this week’s dinner menus (although, to be fair to myself, this upcoming week does include Thanksgiving).

But I haven’t forgotten you, dear old blog! I will leave you with this one gem tonight:

I was hanging out with May while she played by herself nice and quietly…until she looked up at me and said, “Why you in my room, Mama?”

Two years old for all of two minutes and she doesn’t need or want me anymore. Waaaaaah.

To quote what May has been saying at least five times a day for the last two weeks (because I laughed so hard the first time she ever said it to me, so now she does it in order to make me laugh again):

“I not a baby anymore, Mama. I’m a May-May.”

So true, so true.

Also, she can ride a scooter. Whaaaaaat?


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