May’s 2nd Birthday – Part I

I have a lot of photos to share with you guys. I had a Facebook status about us taking 622 photos of May’s birthday, but actually, we took more, if you include the photos that Jeff took of May opening her presents long after her actual birthday. The whole birthday affair was a rather drawn out experience, but that’s the way birthdays or any celebrations should be, right? We decided to start on with a “Birthday Eve” on Tuesday, because I happened to have been at Magnolia Bakery that day for Coffee Morning and picked up some cupcakes for the family. (Actually, we started on Sunday by letting her pick out a special birthday week cereal, which I got to do when I was a kid and always loved the tradition.) Her birthday-birthday fell on a Wednesday, which is our busy day. May has Zoo Train (a Kindermusik class) in the morning and a My First Gym class in the afternoon. Wednesdays are already pretty special for her, so we didn’t change anything, we just brought treats along for all the other kids. I cooked one of her favorite foods for dinner and then we opened her presents from family. On Thursday, Jeff and I took her to the mall to pick out her big birthday present from mom and dad, and then her birthday party was on Friday. But the fun didn’t stop there! We were too tired from the party to open the presents from her friends that night, so she got to open them all on Saturday. That makes almost a full week of birthday excitement! What a lucky girl. In this first installment, I’m going to share the photos from Birthday Eve. There’s no great story to tell, just really cute pictures of May and Adele chowing down on sweet, sweet cupcakes. IMG_6693 I brought home six different kinds of cupcakes for everyone to choose from. May had first choice, of course, and she chose the pretty light pink one…of course. I asked her if she would like me to cut it into pieces for her, but she said no. I was a little apprehensive about how disgustingly messy this was going to be. They put A LOT of frosting on Magnolia cupcakes. Here she is about to take her first attempt at a bite: IMG_6694 You might notice a shiny trickle of snot under her nose. Poor baby girl got so sick right before her birthday. She was feverish and congested and crying and miserable. In one of the first posts I wrote on this blog, I said that, even when my kids get sick, their energy never flags, but this was one of two times in her life when May really was down for the count (the other time was last Christmas when she caught Hand Foot and Mouth Disease). Brave, selfless May rallied for cupcakes, however, and summoned all her python powers to unhing her jaw to get that cupcake in: IMG_6728 IMG_6727 IMG_6726 Turns out, she was barely messy at all! Nary a crumb escaped her sticky lips. And of course, being the angel baby that she is, May offered a bite of her prized cupcake to me: IMG_6733 Mmm, sugar flavor. Speaking of angels…if I’ve got one angel baby, that must mean the other is THE DEVIL: IMG_6708 Not convinced? IMG_6710 Hideous! Monstrous! The HORROR. Oh, she tries so hard to be a bad girl, but Adele is still all sugar and red velvet spice.


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