Festive Party

Before the end of the fall semester, the Community Life office (staffed by three lovely ladies: Cathy, Kathi, and Kathy – just kidding, Yasmin) threw a party for the winter holidays. It was mostly a Christmas party, but the term that’s used here in the UAE is “festive season,” which I rather like. If you call something festive, be it a sweater, a cheese plate, or a season, I’m on board.


You can’t tell in pictures, but Adele’s dress and boots – although purchased separately and, in fact, years apart – were both an identical navy blue with silver sparkles all over. FESTIVE!

Unfortunately, Jeff had to work, so I took the girls alone. They’re really good girls, so that’s not a problem, but it is hard to take care of them and take pictures at the same time! I can only hold one of either my camera or May at a time. Sorry, May.

Also, I have a slight memory of May being sick or not napping as well as she usually does. Ehhh…something was not quite right, but my memory is terrible. The further we get from these events, the blurrier it all becomes. I know I need to get back to blogging as things happen, but I have so much to get through regarding the holidays.


The girls each got some boots to wear to Munich, but were really excited to wear them as soon as possible, even though it was 80 degrees. We styled the ensembles from the feet up, naturally.

The party was very nicely organized. Several young people (undergrads) were dressed up as elves and there was a cookie decorating station:


Manned by Rachel!


This is obviously something that Adele would take very seriously


Two other little girls whom I just adore: Iman and Kitty

musical games:


This is a game called “Pass the Parcel” where the children sit in a large circle and pass a…yes, you guessed it, parcel around until the music stops. If you’re holding it then, you get to unwrap a layer of wrapping paper, of which there are many. If you are the one left holding it when the music stops and there is no more wrapping paper, you keep the present inside. The girls (left to right: Lucy, Kitty, Adele, Juna) were entranced by watching the parcel going ’round and ’round, hoping to get a chance to unwrap it, which Lucy did.


This was either freeze dance or just freestyle


Adele was bustin’ a few new moves that day…


…including the robot! But then she spotted me.

arts & crafts, and a buffet with adorably themed food creations (I would have taken pictures, but I was juggling three plates).

The great thing about this party was that, even though I was alone with two kids, we’re all one big community and I feel totally comfortable letting my kids go off on their own. Adele is at an age where she’s very self-sufficient (I don’t even know what was over at the arts & crafts stations, because she did that all on her own) and I left May alone to go get food, because I knew that if she needed anything, there were several other parents nearby who would help her in a second. We’re all looking out for each other. (Some parents who will not be named abuse this parental generosity, but that’s a story for another time.)

The grand finale to the party was the arrival of Santa.


Apparently, Santa gets real tall and loses weight when he visits Abu Dhabi! He also gets reaaaaal tan and wears hipster glasses. (His name is Omar and he’s Yasmin’s husband.)

The folks at Community Life were so generous that they bought a toy with each individual child’s age and interests in mind. Each child got called to pick up their gift from Santa:




Adele got a tea set



May got a stuffed bunny…which was awkward, because that’s exactly what Adele had (randomly) asked Santa for in her letter to him just a few days prior!

Before we left, Adele said she had to decorate just one more cookie…for her daddy.


Blurry pic, but hair twinsies!


She claimed her daddy would want the pink frosting

Adele very proudly carried her cookie all the way across campus to our apartment, without eating a single decoration off, which shows just how much she truly loves her daddy.


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