Munich Part II – Misc./Weihnachtsmärkte

For Part II of my Munich photo series, we remain in the miscellaneous section. However, it just so happens that I have a big chunk of photos from a couple of Christmas markets, so that will be the theme for today’s post.

While Nürnberg has arguably the largest and most famous market (we went there on our first full day in Germany and to these markets on our fourth, so we’re already out of chronological order, but I’m saving our Nürnberg photos for a later post), Munich is chock-a-block full of smaller markets, each with their own unique theme or character. I made a list of all the ones I wanted to hit, including “Pink Christmas” in the Glockenbachviertel, the heart of Munich’s gay community, and the Mittelalterlicher Weihnachtsmarkt, the medieval Christmas market, in Wittelsbacherplatz. Unfortunately, we never made it to “Pink Christmas,” but we did go to the medieval one and several more that we happened upon while walking around the city.

First up, the medieval Weihnachtsmarkt:


Showing Adele the spit-roasted pig.


Giving a sweet pat to the deceased pig’s deceased cousin.


Enjoying a delicious, though perhaps slightly anachronistic crêpe.


Adele’s was strawberry, May’s was cinnamon & sugar, and mine was plum. Yum!


A picture of the atmosphere. Some random people enjoying a hot boozy beverage at a stump. As you do.


These adorable miniature houses and castles were built to be the stalls selling booze, food, booze, a few handicrafts, and booze.


Adele really loved these leather strings.


She really tried to get me to buy her all these colors, but instead I secretly bought something else fantastically medieval that she was pleading for (you’ll see what in the Christmas post).

Now we are moving on towards the central Weihnachtsmarkt in Marienplatz:


The lighted banner in the background is kinda hard to decipher in the daylight, but it says, “Münchner Christkindlmarkt.”


Two piping hot mugs of Glühwein.


Even the construction equipment got into the festive spirit.


Getting a sniff of the good stuff.

Here we are at yet a third Weihnachtsmarkt all in the same afternoon (Das Weihnachtsdorf im Kaiserhof der Residenz direkt am Odeonsplatz):


I would live in this life-sized recreation of an Erzgebirge Christmas pyramid house.


Similarly, I would love a giant enameled strawberry on the roof of my house.

I think I’m going to do one more miscellaneous post before getting to the good stuff! (Can you tell that I enjoy typing the word miscellaneous?)


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