Summer Hiatus

Friends and family, I have returned to Abu Dhabi and to the blog! I just spent the last two months in the beautiful Pacific NW, but now that the school year is about to begin for both Adele and Jeff, we are happily back in the desert, fighting jet lag and hiding from the heat. But I do mean happily back!

I don’t think I will recap the summer for you. I have about 400 pictures (that is a conservative estimate), but I’ve put the good ones up on Facebook already.

I know I have said this before, but I have big plans for this little blog. The first being to actually write on it. I also want to do regular features, like sharing Middle Eastern recipes and fashion (I know I’ve made that empty promise before too) and introducing you to the people in my life who are not Marshalls.

I generally like to include a photograph with each post, because I’m a visual person and that’s what I look for on other blogs, but when I searched my Google Photos account for a recent pic to post, it instead popped up a new feature that I hadn’t seen before called “Rediscover This Day.” It’s pretty delightful.

What was happening in my life five years ago:


Yes, that’s a newborn Adele! This was the first time her Nonny and Grandpa Ron had come to Rochester to see the new baby and big sister Flynn was proudly showing her off.

Cut to one year ago:



My junior jetsetters making the big move to the Emirates. I die when I look at that photo of May at the Portland airport. Such a wee one with such a big backpack. Straddling the divide between baby and big kid. She’s still my baby and she always will be, but she has grown so much in the last year. Mainly in the hair department. If you see her soon, you’ll know what I mean.


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