Happy New Year, everyone!

Here are some photographs from this evening’s potluck celebration and links to the recipes I used.


It all starts with the challah. Thanks to this blog, I was able to check back and see which recipe I used last year (Smitten Kitchen with Tori Avey braiding instructions).


Turned out great and I have plenty left over for making french toast for breakfast tomorrow.


One of the few precious food items I brought back from the States this summer was Streit’s matzo ball mix. You sure can’t find that here. I made my own broth and plunked these babies in.


I made the same tzimmes that I made for Pesach in the spring. It is made with carrots, sweet potatoes, apricots, dates, and cranberries. The recipe comes from Food52, but it’s not the most well composed recipe, so you’re forced to improvise (which works very well for this dish – it can handle a lot of variations).


For the kids, I made “apple” Rice Krispie treats. Just the plain old Kellogg’s recipe with LOTS of red food coloring added to the melted marshmallow before you add the cereal in and a pretzel stem and fruit roll-up leaf.


The final dish I made (and the final dish we ate) was this applesauce cake from Dieter’s Downfall (which I always, ALWAYS read as if it were the German name Dieter and I’m like, poor Dieter and his downfall!). This recipe takes a long time to make, because you have to make the chunky applesauce first, but it is worth it! My apartment smelled just like autumn. I think if I keep making this cake, I’m going to rename it the mulled apple cider cake, because that’s what it smelled like. Instead of making the caramel frosting that Dieter recommends, I made Ottolenghi’s maple frosting. The whole thing is very sweet (so I might add a little less sugar to the applesauce, cake batter, and frosting recipes next time I make it), but it’s so much better than of the dry honey cakes that you normally find on Rosh Hashanah.


Here I am dipping the challah in honey, wishing for a sweet year to come. As I said to the girls as I tucked them into bed tonight, “May we have our best year ever this coming year, and that is really saying something, because all our years together have been incredibly sweet.”


We had two other NYU families join us for dinner. Here Maya, Director and Chief Curator of the NYUAD Art Gallery, shares the honey bowl and apple slices with the children.


Maya’s husband Mark, a History professor, takes his seat at the kid’s table for dinner. Funny coincidence, Mark and Maya are both Reedies. We’re a three person alumni chapter.


Libby (with honey dribbling down her chin) gives everything an enthusiastic thumbs up.


And here she oh-so-sneakily steals an extra Rice Krispie treat. Apples are healthy, right?


An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but maybe not the dentist.


As our guests got ready to go, I asked the kids to line up for one last photo. This was my attempt at getting them each to hold up a digit of the new year. Ehhh, according to them, it looks like it is now the year 1677? (It’s actually 5776.)


One thought on “5776

  1. This is one of the most beautiful set of blog pictures I’ve ever seen. No kidding! Your challah should be entered into a contest! I crown you Abu Dhabi Martha Stewart! May you prosper and continue to delight with your food, decorating and hospitality!

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