I am feeling so frustrated. I feel like I am a week behind everything, like I am constantly playing catch-up.

I haven’t missed any appointments or events, but I also haven’t managed to accomplish any of the things I was hoping to do at the start of the academic year. Adele and May have started school (I keep meaning to write a post on May going to preschool!) and Jeff is hard at work in a new capacity at the university, but I haven’t accomplished any of the things I intended to do with this fresh start:

Going to the gym

Pre-making lunches for Jeff

Organizing an art class for kids on campus

Starting a kid’s travel business

Getting outside more

Decorating the apartment (hanging art on these oppressively white walls!) and taking pictures for Design Mom

Of course, there are reasons. May has been sick with a double ear infection and congestion for the past week, and she was sick one time before that as well. Miraculously, she is the only one who has been sick and so far, Adele, Jeff and I have been spared (knock on wood). I have, however, been having insanely bad allergies and all that sneezing is actually tiring! (I also like to think of it as an ab workout.) Instead of using her nap time to clean the apartment or to prepare activities, I’ve been napping as well.

I’m feeling extra frustrated today, because the last half week was a vacation here in the UAE. Many of our friends were able to take the week to travel with their families, and we barely left the apartment.

Le sigh.


3 thoughts on “Frustration

  1. Wow! You have a huge list of wonderful things on it! I love the name Design Mom!
    Your dad is sneezing like crazy right now too. So much so that he is now taking Claritin D to get a break. This year is the worst allergy season he can remember.
    All the things on your list can wait for you feel better. Napping is good. There is no way you could have slept much when May May was ill. So glad she is better and the rest of you have been spared.
    The bare white walls sound oppressive and depressing. Jeff could also help you with this. Seems like a good place to start. Just a thought!
    Remember the concept of baby steps. When things get frustrating and feel overwhelming, remember to take everything one step at time, one problem at a time. Take it from a stroke survivor. This works!
    We love you and are so proud of you and what you have accomplished!
    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Pre-making lunches is a great idea! Joey and I rotate days where one of us makes our lunches for the day. It saves a lot of money and is healthier I think. Sorry May’s ear infections have returned.. With a vengeance 😦 Hope she’s feeling better. I’d love to see more pre-school pics! Anyway, give yourself a break and give yourself more time to get everything done. Start a calendar and cross-off tasks as you do them, I like to do that at work. Makes you feel organized and accomplished 🙂
    Love you and you’re a rock star!

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