Star Wars Party Crafts

Here are a few how-tos from the Star Wars party I helped to throw for Adele (turning five) and her friend Winston (turning six). To see the creations in action, check out my party recap here.

The invitations

I had big plans for the party invitations, because there are so many good ideas for Star Wars parties on the internet. I loved the idea of using photos of the kids and real glow sticks like this Valentine:

But since this was a party for two kids, I thought I could do something like this Valentine:

However, I realized all of a sudden that there was a local school holiday starting in two days and the kids would be out of school for a week and wouldn’t be back to get their invitations until just a few days before when the party was scheduled. So I had to make all the invitations THAT NIGHT with what supplies I happened to already have on hand. I used this template for the front, downloaded a free Star Wars font (I used “Star Jedi” from for the details, and mounted the print-outs on green Yoda-esque paper.


I’ve erased the party address

If I could do it over, I would make it say, “Invited You Are” instead.

The cakes

I started by finding a jack-o-lantern stencil of Darth Vader online. I just printed it as-is and kept my fingers crossed that it would fit the cake (it just did!).


I carefully cut out the gray shapes with an x-acto knife. (I simplified some of the more intricate parts of the design.)


I positioned the paper as I wanted it on the cake, pressed down gently so the frosting would keep the paper from moving, and then sifted on powered sugar. I carefully lifted the paper off and tossed it in the garbage, revealing the menacingly beautiful visage of Darth Vader!

I decided upon a devil’s food cake recipe as that seemed fitting for the character. I followed this recipe by Martha Stewart and opted for the “more dense and fudgy cake” version. We don’t have very comprehensive baking sections in our grocery stores here in Abu Dhabi, so I didn’t have much baking chocolate to choose from. I chose to buy Lindt chocolate bars instead, because they weren’t any more expensive than the chocolate chips, and so much more decadent! (Perhaps too decadent for a child’s palate, but there were no complaints.)

A spiced apple cake with maple frosting and raisin roll buns!

A spiced apple cake with maple frosting and raisin roll buns!

The Leia cake is very straight-forward. I wanted to use cream cheese frosting as a light skin color, so I chose the same apple spice cake I had made for Rosh Hashanah a few weeks back (yeah, it was that delicious, but I left out all nuts this time, in case any kids were allergic), though a lemon cake or red velvet or carrot cake would also have been a good pairing. This particular frosting was flavored with maple syrup, so it took on its own warm color, otherwise I would have tinted it with food coloring. I added a little bit of chocolate frosting from the Darth Vader cake to the cream cheese frosting to make a brown hair color and just painted it on. I added a little extra on top of two store-bought raisin rolls (I couldn’t find cinnamon rolls) and stuck them on top, though you could also use a toothpick to adhere them vertically to the sides of the cake. I found a gummy fruit slice candy that resembled a mouth and I happened to have brought a box of candy eyes home from our visit to the States this summer.


This wasn’t for Adele and Winston’s party, but for a previous Star Wars-themed party I threw for Jeff’s birthday (since it falls so close to May 4th). It’s a rocky road Wookie “cake”. If you aren’t familiar with the British iteration of rocky road – in particular, the Hummingbird Bakery recipe – you are seriously missing out. It’s a mass of melted chocolate with all sorts of amazing fillings (Rice Krispies, raisins, marshmallows, chopped up candy bars, etc). I poured it onto a cookie sheet roughly in the shape of Chewbacca’s head. Then I drizzled lighter milk chocolate on top to look like hair/fur and used thin black licorice, blanched almonds, m&ms, and sour rope to make the facial features.


I always like to make a few photo booth props for each party.





They’re absurdly simple. I either print out funny quotes or free-hand paint whatever designs I need on the back of recycled cereal boxes. Then I securely tape chopsticks to the back as a handle.


For the kids to play with at the party and then take home as favors, I made pool noodle lightsabers.


I bought as many pool noodles as I could carry and cut them in half. I used a serrated knife and it cut like butter. I wrapped a piece of string around to measure the circumference and then used the string to measure out pieces of duct tape. I used three lengths of duct tape per noodle to get the right height. Then I used the string again to measure black tape to ring the top and bottom of the handle and short pieces to make “on” and “off” buttons (not strictly authentic, but fine for kids this age).

For Jeff’s Star Wars party, since there were fewer kids coming, I did more detailed tape-work on bubble wand lightsabers. You can find such intricate descriptions of the designs on the internet!


Inside the party favor bags (which had Star Wars Pez dispensers and space-themed candy, like Mars bars, Milky Way, and Galaxy chocolates), I included these little constellation books.


I got the idea here and chose to make Adele’s birth constellation Leo, Winston’s Libra, and the Big Dipper, just because it’s so popular. At least, it’s popular back home in the States. I’m not actually sure if it’s even viewable here in this part of the world. And I know the Brits call it by another name completely, but whatevs.


There were still more ideas that I had pinned that I decided not to do in the name of sanity, but hey, I’ve already thrown two Star Wars parties in the last year, I’ll probably throw another soon!

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