Hello, it’s me

Welcome to my now-annual “I’m not dead; I just haven’t been blogging…but I really want to!” post. Last winter, I took a blogging hiatus, because we were busy with travel and holidays, etc. This year, I really tried to keep up with the posts, but every time I tried to upload photos, I got a generic “upload failed” error. I figured something was buggy on the site, so I ignored it and tried again later and later and later, but kept getting the same error. Finally I made Jeff look at it, and he determined that I had hit my maximum photo allowance for this free blog site. Then came a couple of weeks of thinking, what to do? Do I pay for a real blog site or go through and resize all my photos to buy a little extra wiggle room or host the photos off-site? That last one is the one I’m going to try first. I am soooo tech-illiterate, so I barely even know what it means, but I’ll make Jeff show me.


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