Random day

To test out hosting my photos externally, I took a few photos of a normal day around our house. There are no special events to write about, just a few “day in the life” moments captured for posterity. This isn’t really one day; there are pics here from a few days this past week, but they’re pretty indicative of what any random day is like for the Marshall family.


Here we see Adele doing her homework at the dining room table. This was taken on Tuesday. She probably got home from school (on Tuesdays, she has Rainbows after school, so she gets home around 4:30), changed out of her uniform into play clothes, and went to play on the playground for a little bit. Then she’ll come home to practice reading or spelling while we prepare dinner.



This picture was from Wednesday. Joy of joys, I found lice on May. We immediately treated it and the poor girl was such a trooper about it all. I let her watch Max & Ruby cartoons while the scalp cream murdered those nasty bugs! (We also laundered every single linen in the house, bagged up every other soft thing, and reported the outbreak to the university community.) It was such a late night for us all, but we have survived this childhood rite of passage.



On Thursday afternoon after school, Jeff and the girls decided to make homemade bagels! Oftentimes, Jeff will be talking about a food and just spontaneously decide to make it! I am so not like that. I plan my cooking ahead by a week. Recently, he’s done this with summer sausage, banh mi, pretzels, and more.


Oh yeah, I hit the husband jackpot.






It turns out that Adele has a natural affinity for bagel making. She was better than any of us at forming the correct shape. But guess what May is really good at:


Eating the bagels!


Finally, some kid fashion to wrap up this experimental post. We generally let the girls decide what to wear, as long as it’s clean, it fits, and it’s appropriate for the weather and the situation. This is what they chose this morning to go to Ikea:


Adele chose a pink and red color scheme, accented by Star Wars sweatpants and a Hello Kitty purse filled with tiny toy animals and princesses. May followed her color direction and opted for a ballet skirt over a chevron jumpsuit and a heart sweater that my mother originally bought for Adele when she was only six months old. It fit Adele when she was six months (with sleeves cuffed) and five years later, it fits May at 3 years old! We have gotten some serious wear out of that sweater!

Well, there you have it. Random pictures from random days.


2 thoughts on “Random day

  1. I can’t express how much joy I feel seeing all of you happy, healthy and doing well. Your pictures are great, as always. The bagels look awesome! Thank you for posting. We all appreciate it.

  2. Lice! Eek!! I would’ve been horrified. Did Adele get them too? I can’t imagine what that would be like with her hair. I’m sorry you had to deal with that but I suppose it is inevitable with kids. But of course May still looks so adorable even with lice treatment on her head! And those bagels look delicious!

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