May’s Personality

We bought a new chair this weekend. We’ve all been testing it out, but May in particular likes this new addition to our living room, because it’s a rocker. (A chair that you’re allowed to move is pretty exciting stuff to a three year old who is constantly being chastised to sit still!)

May discovered an even better way to play on the rocking chair this morning, while her daddy was sitting in it.


On your marks…


Get set…




Where’d May go?




Could she be any happier?

I think that these pictures sum up May’s current personality so well. She is always happy. She is usually shrieking with laughter. She often takes physical risks. Sure, jumping into a blanket is pretty tame, but we can tell that she’s going to be the daredevil of our family.


2 thoughts on “May’s Personality

  1. Absolutely adorable! I can’t wait to show these pictures to your dad, who has always been a big advocates for chairs that move.

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