I’m Laura, aka The Caftan; named thusly because like to wear caftans, which is fortuitous, because I live in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates (I am originally from Bainbridge Island, WA and have lived in Portland, OR, Chicago, IL, Rochester, NY, and Munich, Germany). My husband Jeff + our two daughters Adele (5) and May (2) = Tennille for the sake of this blog. I realize that makes no real sense, but I’m a slave to a theme.

Aside from being a theme slave, I am a mom, wife, party planner, art enthusiast, glutton, egoist, overthinker, loudmouth, loud jewelry wearer. I’m a lover of all things blue, leopard print, or plaid, the Beatles, Rod Stewart, Abba and the Xanadu soundtrack, and a hater of raw onions, inspirational quotes, incorrect adverb usage, and cats.

I stay at home to raise my children. This is of the upmost importance to me. We spend our days doing art projects and socializing, but I try to leave the majority of the day to free play. I love to bake and cook, though the day-to-day responsibilities usually fall to my wonderfully talented husband. I cook for parties. But I throw a lot of parties. I don’t clean, but neither does my husband. We don’t have a house cleaner either. I’ll leave it at that.

Oh yeah, and I’m Jewish! Living a Jewish life in the Arab Middle East is a challenge, but not an impossibility.


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